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January to November 2012 Edition 
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Welcome to the January to November 2012 Edition of David Feinstein's Partner & Profit Newsletter!

Our promise is and always will be to share as much value as humanly possible with you. We want to give you an INSIDERS look into the way we make our income online. We're giving you a VIP look into the exact training that we give our own downline.

You can either use this to build your own network marketing business...or you can always join forces with us. It's your choice.

Either way...we're here to provide you with immense value.  This ISSUE will most certainly do exactly that. 

It's time to make the rest of 2012 the BEST YEAR EVER and we want to help YOU. 

This issue will focus a lot on the tools and habits that you'll need to make your life much easier, and make this year much more productive! 

MLM Training

Starting a Home Business In a Crazy Economy - Is it A Good Idea or Plain Stupid? .

You've probably heard the adage "don't put all your eggs in one basket".  Many people hear that and they think it applies only to investing, but in fact it can mean many things. One thing that it certainly applies to is your livelihood. 

And in my book, earning your paycheck from ONLY a job, where you're basically putting your livelihood in someone else's hands is a very risky type of putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Let's think about what it means to have a job. When you work for someone else you're giving them a certain and predetermined amount of your time and a ton of your effort in exchange for a paycheck. That paycheck is a set amount (a wage) usually based upon an hourly rate. So they offer to pay you per hour for every hour you put in. 

That means that if you don't put in that hour, you're not going to get paid. 

It also means that they can pay you that same wage for as long as they like, until you prove without a shadow of a doubt that you're worth more. And then, that hourly wage is only going to go up a certain percentage...usually less than 10% a year...and these days usually far less. 

I know people who haven't gotten raises in 3 or 4 years when the economy started going south. And a company can and will always hold onto that excuse that the economy does not allow them to give you a raise.

Ok with all of that said, they're also in control of your paycheck because they make the decisions within the company. If they decide to slash costs (of which YOU are a cost) then they can certainly due that. It's called a lay off.  Or if they decide to shut their doors, they can do that as well. Or worse, since they make all of the decisions, then they have every chance in the world of making a stupid decision that not only affects their profits and well being as a company, but yours as well.

Now, most people opt for a job because they feel like it's a more secure paycheck. But after reading the above...is it?

Starting a Home Business Puts Your Livelihood in Your Hands

Of course I'm not telling you - nor do I ever tell anyone - that you should quit your job. 

That would be foolish of me to tell you that, as well as foolish of you to do. But what I am telling you is that starting a home business is a great way to not only supplement your income but act as a hedge against all that I've explained above. 

Yes, right now is a crazy economy. But that just means that the chances that you'll lose your primary job are much higher. You only need to look at the unemployment numbers to see that. 

Yet, if you're selling a product that people want and need (such as the products and opportunities that my wife Ann Feinstein and I sell) then there's always a chance for a sell, and a great chance that you can make a ton of money with your home business, in any economy. 

Bottom line, don't let fear dictate such crucial moves in your life. Always analyze what your situation truly is like, such as I did for you above. And don't put all of your eggs in one basket, especially when it comes to your livelihood. 

Now is possibly the best time ever for you to start a home business...find out exactly how with the best chance of success by clicking here now!

Internet Marketing Section

Network Marketing - Can You Still Build Your Business Social Network Marketing? 

In network marketing, much too often people are looking for that new magic bullet that will build them a huge downline.

They jump from opportunity to opportunity... or from one marketing method to another, over and over again.  Now adding marketing methods isn't a bad thing. What is a bad thing is expecting that one method is going to be the be-all-end-all of marketing methods. 

That's what's seemed to happen quite a bit in the social network marketing fad here lately. People have tried to latch on to using social media for marketing their business opportunities and products, but have tried to use these methods as a one-off method. And when that doesn't work they whine and complain that social media doesn't work or that it's dead. 

The truth of the matter is that you can't expect any one method to work by itself in a vacuum. Marketing is not about using one method. Marketing is about setting up systems with different methods working in conjunction with each other. 

So then the question in the title of this post can be answered as so...


Yes, You Can Build a Network Marketing Business Using Social Network Marketing If...

...now for the "IF"! If you will add it to a sales funnel. That's all. Easy right? Well then you've got the question of "How do I add it to my funnel?"

Well it's something that needs to be integrated. Where you integrate it is up to you. But here's a good starting point. 

Ok let's say you're using social networking to get the attention of prospects. You're using Facebook and Twitter. Well that's front end funnel activity. What I mean is that it's actually the point of first interaction. It's basically your first interaction with prospects. 

So then your next step is to get those people NOT to your opportunity sign-up page, or to the page where they can purchase your products, but to a squeeze page where they can leave their personal info for you to contact them...at the VERY least that means an email address.  

So here's how it basically looks...

Social Media -> Squeeze Page (or Blog with email capture form) -> Auto-Responder Messages -> ...and Now Your Sign Up Pages! 

Why? Why would you do it this way? Why wouldn't you just skip all of those middle steps and get them right to your "money page?"

Well the fact is that you could do it that way, but then your chances of being able to contact these people again, your chances to follow up with these people from where you left off...are ultimately gone. Sure you can maybe try to socialize with them through social media, but what do you think the chances are that they're going to visit a page that they already expressed no interest in?  Very little! 

But when you get them in your sales funnel, you're not only giving yourself the chance to contact them again...over and over in fact...but you're also giving yourself the chance to pre-sell these people on your opportunity or on your products before you send them over to a page where you're expecting them to join or order.

You also get the chance to sell them on YOU!! You get the chance to formulate a relationship with them, which creates a bond that increases the chances of them joining your opportunity. 

If you're doing social network marketing, using social media without using the rest of your sales funnel, then you're doing yourself a huge disservice. Do social network marketing right!

Self Development Section

Home Business Advice - Where Does Your Time Go? (How to Find more Time to Do MLM)

I want to give you some home business advice today that will likely make a huge impact on not just your business, but your life in general. 

You see, one of the biggest complaints that we all here all the time, whether from our downline, our kids, our co-workers, or even from ourselves...is that there's not enough time to get things done. 

You've likely said to yourself a ton of times, I wanted to do "blank"  but I just couldn't find the time to get it done. Or many times you may have tried to talk to people about your home business or network marketing business and they've told you that they just don't have time to start a home business. 

Sometimes they may be telling you the truth, but many times when people say they don't have time, it's not the actual truth but rather what they see as the truth. 

In other words, there's time, they're just not using the time wisely. 

Home Business Advice That Will Help You Find Lost Time in Your Days

Surely you've heard the saying that "we're all given the same 24 hours in a day, it's what we choose to do with that time that counts". I'm paraphrasing but the gist of it is that time is the great equalizer. 

But many of us squander our time instead of use it wisely. And sometimes we don't even realize it. Sometimes we waste much more time than we think we're wasting. 

So in light of that, I'm going to give you...

Home Business Advice: 3 Places You May Be Squandering Your Time

1: Social Media Yikes , social media is a new sort of time killer. Things like Facebook, Twitter, and even You Tube can waste amazing amounts of your time.  The thing is that once you get stuck snooping around those sites and reading updates from everyone you lose all track of time and before you know it an hour has passed and you haven't done anything. 

But of course you don't want to stop using these sites altogether. So the best way to do it is schedule it, and set a timer either on your watch, on your computer, or even your cell phone to go off in 15 minutes time. The truth is that it should only take 5 minutes to read all the important updates. Once you've done that, maybe posted an update for yourself then you should be done. 

2: Phone Calls  How many times in a day do you make or take phone calls that are unnecessary. Let's face it, most of the time our phone calls consist of babble and gossip. So you should pick a time after work is done that you make your calls, and again, give yourself an allotted amount of time, and when that time is up get off the phone. 

Eventually people will stop calling you at the times that you work because they'll realize that you don't even answer your phone. If they get mad at you, just explain the times that you're available to talk. 

3: Watching the News  OK, so this might seem contrite, but if you think about it most people watch the news at their favorite time either in the morning, or after work, and usually they watch for pretty much the entire hour. News channels are experts at keeping you in your seat watching. 

But there's a better way to get all your news within 10 minutes. Simply add your 3 favorite news sites - or better yet news aggregation sites such as Drudge Report, Google News, Yahoo News etc - and add these to your computer favorites. This way you can check each site, skim through the headlines, and BAM, you already know all the news that any of the network or cable news channels will talk about that day. That's an hour or two that you can spend growing your business by leaps and bounds. 

This is advice that you can't really afford to ignore. For more useful home business advice that you can truly use click here now!

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